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Gramm Partners is unique among Washington public policy firms, with high-level experience in both NY and DC on the issues that matter most to financial companies. Our principals have decades of combined experience at the highest levels of government and have directly participated in all levels of the policymaking process.

Many firms have experience trying to influence financial services policy. But only one firm is led by the author of a landmark financial services reform bill, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, who also worked the last decade in investment banking. Senator Phil Gramm’s experience and thought leadership is valued and sought after by government officials and business leaders throughout the world.

Gramm Partners also includes principals whose career highlights include contributions to Senator Gramm’s success as a legislator and investment banker. Steve McMillin and Mike Solon were part of the Senate Banking Committee team that achieved financial services modernization after decades of failure by Congress. McMillin held senior leadership roles at the White House in budget, economic, and regulatory policy, ultimately serving as Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget. His tenure there included work on housing finance policy and GSE reform, deposit insurance, and the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. Solon served as economic policy adviser and strategist to two Senate Majority Leaders, and in private practice has advised several major financial companies and trade associations on government relations strategy. Asli Ay, as a Senior Client Relationship Officer at UBS, advised large financial institutions, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds on policy and regulatory issues, as well as advising regulatory bodies in markets like China, Korea and Turkey on regulatory practices in developed economies.

Our firm knows how deals get done in government and the private sector, and we have a track record of delivering major accomplishments — and stopping bad deals in their tracks. We work with clients to understand their goals and how their interests are affected by public policy developments, and we help them develop strategies that will lead to successful outcomes in Washington and for their bottom line.